About Us

We are an established team of architects who are continuously learning, challenging and evolving to respond to our client’s needs. We listen and then by thinking a little differently we focus on delivering well designed and viable solutions for our clients, balancing innovative design with economic constraints. 


We combine flair, imagination and passion with an informed approach to the technical, financial, operational and quality aspects of our projects. 

We implore social and architectural ideals and alternative ways of thinking to make sure architecture is positively contributing to create a sustainable future. 

Studio Agora strives for a level of quality which surpasses expectation in everything we do to achieve a holistic goal of improving the built environment for people that live, work and use buildings and spaces. 

We listen to our client’s needs and requirements; closely working with you is integral to our design process to ultimately achieve great design. Our passion is design. 


We are interested in every stage of the design process, from the initial concept sketches, through to the detailed design of the project until completion to ensure design quality is maintained. 

We openly collaborate with other architects, designers and specialists in order to challenge the creative process, enhance efficiency to bring maximum value to the projects.

Our fundamental process is based on studying the site and context so we positively enhance surroundings by creating elegant and sustainable designs by balancing light, form and materiality.